Tips To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Tips To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of earning extra income if you have a website or a Blog. The Amazon affiliate program, which is also known as the Amazon Associates lets you earn 5 percent or more on the purchases that are made using a the special link on your site. If you have been wondering as to how to make money with amazon’s affiliate program, then you have come to the right place. You can easily make money with Amazon Affiliate Program if you follow the below mentioned tips.

How to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program?             

Here are some really useful tips that will teach you as to how to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

Set up a new website

Professional websites can be used for this Affiliate program. In case you have a blog or a site that promotes different products or services, then you can definitely recommend some high quality products on your website and make money doing it.

Set up all the major social media accounts for your Website

This is an awesome way of improving the search engine ranking; you can easily stay in touch with all your visitors and also increase the count of links that you usually share. You will be able to post the Amazon links on some of the social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus whenever you feel like making a recommendation.

Post High quality content regularly

You can bring in more readers to your site by publishing some really valuable content; therefore you need to be posting at least twice per week on your website.

Gain the Trust

People who think they are often being pitched to are mostly not going to return. You can include the affiliate links as a form of recommendations instead of forcing up on the visitors to buy the products. Always give your visitors something that will make them come back to your site. The best thing you can offer is some valuable content. So do that until they gain your trust.

Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

Signing Up with Amazon Associates

Sign up as an affiliate at Amazon. You can look out for this page on Google. Once, you are at the Amazon associates page, you can sign up with Amazon, please go through the information very carefully before you sign up. You must clearly understand as to what are the products eligible for promotion and understand other things like how to post or how to start getting paid.

  • Go ahead and click on the button “Join Now “when you are all ready to start.
  • Sign in to your account using the Amazon username and the password. Now you can select the payment address from the suggested options that you will be given.
  • Now fill out all the information about your site, your source of traffic and also the monetization methods that you have been using. You will then be asked to provide all of the websites that you will be using to post the Amazon links.
  • Start browsing through all the hot selling products on the Associates Central page.
  • Pick a few products for integrating into the blog posts. It is always a good idea to be using the – Bestseller filter for finding the host selling products in any category.
  • Post this link in your site. You will be able to post an image as well. You can either use an image, some text or even a text link; it completely depends on how you want it.
  • You can then make use of the Amazon Associates – site stripe, that toolbar which you will be able to spot at the top of your page, for capturing links for the products that you want to post.

Start Scaling up your Profits

Use the referral link when you send out the information through emails to your subscribers. You will start receiving some commission on the products that you are promoting if anyone purchases it. This is one of the easiest ways to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program. All you have to do is to just promote the products and if people buy the products through your Amazon affiliate link, you will be paid commissions. How cool is that.

If you get a good hang of things, you can actually scale this business to a different level altogether. It is very easy to make money with Amazon affiliate program; a lot of newbies are earning hundreds of dollars as affiliates.

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